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NKVD-PS twin flap roof ventilator

104 NKVD-PS06

The NKVD-PS twin flap ventilator provides an economical and energy efficient method of exhausting large quantities of warm air and/or smoke from a building. The NKVD-PS is manufactured with a built in 10 Deg slope, which allows for the installation of a ventilator with glazed flaps on a completely flat roof, to prevent the staining of glazed units. The sloping flaps also aid the shedding of rain or snow in areas with severe winter climates. The NKVD-PS ventilator is a versatile design, allowing a wide range of variations to be manufactured, from single skin to fully insulated and thermally broken units. With electric or pneumatic operating systems, as required to meet the project specification requirements. Specially designed units are available to provide for the very high levels of sound reduction in theatres or similar noise sensitive buildings.

Read more in the NKVD-PS whitepaper

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